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Gematronik Weather Radar Systems

SELEX ES, a Finmeccanica company, is a leader in defence electronics markets, with a distinctive strength in airborne mission critical systems and a wide range of capabilities for the battlefield and for homeland security applications.

Supplying and supporting equipment in-country around the world, SELEX ES is a truly global business. The Company's 7.000-strong international workforce is able to build close relationships with customers across 5 continents, allowing SELEX ES to respond to the specific needs of those on the front line. These relationships also allow the Company to listen to the Customer and design availability-based support contracts to their precise requirements, providing the greatest possible value for money.

Owning its core technologies from start to finish and continuously pursuing innovation, SELEX ES contributes to its customers' most challenging needs for situational awareness, protection and sensors systems solutions. Albion latest generation detector technology for thermal imagers and E-Scan radar are core market-leading technologies that the Company exploits in a range of products. At a higher level, integrated systems such as ATOS (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance) and HIDAS (Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aid Suite) fuse together a range of sensor inputs to provide vital information to crews. A portfolio of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), spanning from mini-micro up to the top end of the tactical UAS, draw together the threads of the Company's core capabilities to provide versatile, multirole systems that are fit for modern operations.

SELEX ES invests 15% of revenues into research and development, and in doing so is able to stay at the forefront of defence electronic technology. A number of recognised centres of excellence in technology development, as well as partnerships with governments, academic institutions and research centres let the company offer pioneering approaches to customers.

In the battlespace, SELEX ES provides a range of products and systems that keep troops safe while enhancing battlefield effectiveness.

The Company delivers fully integrated surveillance systems, able to directly support decision makers in their response.

SELEX ES's simulation facilities give crews the constant training they need to reach the highest level of efficiency.

Across the whole business, innovative support and service arrangements improve the overall outcomes for the Customer while reducing their through-life costs.